About Us

At The ButtonCompany we have one simple aim in life.  To give you as many beautiful button options as we can possibly think of.

We are not Amazon and as such every order is picked, checked, addressed etc by hand - please do not expect next day delivery!  We do our best and usually send out 'next working day'.

With our traditional base being manufacturing, we know more than our fair share about buttons.  In fact, some of us have been known to worry about what other necessary information we have lost by knowing so much about buttons. Sad to say, but its true - knowing about button machines, materials, backs, colours, and all the other gazillion things you end up knowing, means inevitably things like your daughter's middle name fall by the wayside.

While many of our buttons were made in-house, its not possible to make all of them.  We have used our expertise to hunt down gorgeous buttons & trimmings for all purposes, from normal dressmaking, to papercrafts, patchwork & jewellery making.

We also wholesale to retail outlets & small manufacturers - if you are interested, please get in touch.

We hope you enjoy browsing our site - if you have any questions or other needs, please call us, we're here to help! 01243 775462

Sarah, ButtonCompany